About Us

Local. Trusted. Family-owned.

Since 1991

About Our Agency

After selling his insurance business to retire down south, Jeff realized that full retirement was not for him and wanted to get back in the insurance business.  Gary was born and raised in the area and worked for a large insurance company but did not like the lack of personal attention he was able to give clients due to the corporate structure. Jeff met Gary while attending a business networking breakfast. They realized that Gary’s local contacts combined with Jeff’s 30 plus years of industry knowledge would make a great partnership. They were right! The growth of the company over the last four years has far exceeded expectations and has been fueled mostly by referrals from friends and existing clients. Our goal is to share our love of the South while providing you the best customer service possible.

Our Mission Statement

At Insurance & Brokerage House, we proudly offer top-notch insurance advice and services to South Carolina and beyond. With a family-driven approach and over three decades in the industry, our commitment is unwavering: to protect our clients’ well-being with unmatched personal care, building enduring connections along the way.

30+ Years

Of Experience

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to consistently provide top-notch insurance advice anchored in honesty, cultivating long-lasting bonds based on mutual trust and assurance.

Engaging Our Community

Insurance & Brokerage House holds a strong bond with South Carolina. We cherish our involvement with local charities, as giving back to the very community that stands by us holds immense value for us.